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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Recap

Looking at the poster of The Vampire Diaries on IMDb, one would believe that it is a rehash of Twilight. To this, Damon Salvatore (I take that name as if he is a big-shot. And he is.) would remark, “Judgey much?”. As i starting watching it, I felt like I’d tasted blood. Everything was changing. All the stupid twilight crap, it all went away. Enter, a new (and a slightly more believable) world of vampires, witches, warlocks, and Lycanthropes (werewolves).


Elena (Nina Dobrev) is a teenager who has just lost both her parents and is mourning them when she bumps into the new guy in school, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), and thus, begins the romantic saga. However, enter (the) Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), the crux of why i got hooked on to this show (I may be exaggerating. But I like the way his character is written. Layered with multiple facets) who wrecks havoc in their plans of a happy ever after.

The kids of Mystic Falls consist of Elena’s younger brother Jeremy, who along with Elena, is struggling to cope with his parents’ death, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Caroline (Candice Accola) Elena’s friends. Throw in a vengeful husband cum new history teacher Alaric Saltzman, a drug addict Vicki Donovan, Matt Donovan Elena’s ex and a frustrated but arrogant jock Tyler Lockwood. What do you have? Well you get the perfect school ever!

The first season was full of the ups and downs of someone being introduced to the supernatural world! We are very quickly made to understand that Stefan is the good brother while Damon, well he is anything but good. Stefan has his own set of rules where feeding on human’s is a big no no while Damon has only one rule, that there are NO rules!. Each season as i have come to realise and love has a couple of episodes where we are introduced to our beloved characters when they were slightly more simpler and sometimes human. This season the flashback episode introduced us to how the Salvatore brothers became vampires in what was an excellent episode.

We slowly learn that the kids of Mystic Falls aren’t the only ones keeping secrets. The adults have their own set of secrets. Like The Secret Council, who works towards keeping the town Vampire-free. Damon who has come back to Mystic Falls for a reason tries to win the Council’s confidence by killing a very dear vampire. As the season progresses we learn more about each of these teenagers (i say this loosely) through their history. How each family (The Gilberts, The Salvatores and The Lockwoods) were a part of the founding families of the town and how each of them has some tie to the supernatural world. In the Salvatores case, it was Damon and Stefan then and now, except they were human back then.

Elena slowly learns that she is a doppelganger and the person she looks exactly like is Katherine Pierce, Stefan and Damon’s first love. This revelation leads to a bit of trouble in paradise for Stefan and her considering she does look like the woman who was not only his first love but also who turned him into a vampire.

Katherine is the main focus for everyone in this season. Especially Damon. As Katherine is the reason Damon is back in town but as the season progresses we see a chemistry between him and Elena that tends to fall on extremities. Either they get along or she hates him and wants to stake him. However intense this chemistry, Damon is back only for one reason and that is to raise Katherine from her tomb in which she was said to have been locked along with other vampires by a very powerful witch.

Every episode of each season has its own different sound tracks, which are not only brilliant for the introduction to the episode but are also good music to listen to. Another one of the reasons I would recommend this series is, that the characterisation is brilliant. It’s like each character is carved delicately. Take Damon, for example. Initially, you will hate him, then you feel sorry for him, then you love him, then again, you hate him. Jeremy Gilbert (Elena’s younger brother) is one such seemingly unimportant character in the beginning, who assumes greater importance as the series progresses. Elena’s resemblance to Katherine is again, an intriguing story, which is revealed as the season progresses. But, the most important reason is, that it breaks all myths that you had about Vampires and gives you a concrete structure, not a make-believe one. VD takes a layered approach and unravels a lot of elements in each episode, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Each season ends with cliffhanger leaving you with wanting more (much like the whole Vampires and blood theory). As a person who usually only watches sitcoms this was a huge change for me. A change which i don’t regret in the least. Nor would you.

The Game Is Back On! Sherlock Mini Episode Promises A Great Season

On 24th Dec BBC released a new mini-episode of Sherlock named “Many Happy Returns”. This minisode serves as a prequel for the upcoming Season of this brilliant TV Series. This episode does not give away any major plot ideas from the upcoming Season, however there are a few very interesting points that if you notice will make you more curious about the upcoming episodes.

Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman) in "Sherlock" Season 3


You can watch the minisode here. As you can see clearly in the video, Dr. Watson does not yet have a mustache which means the incidents in this minisode happens clearly between the time after Sherlock’s presumed death at the end of The Reichenbach Fall and the beginning of the episode “The Empty Hearse (S03E01)”. 

After Anderson gets to hear about a string of mysterious event ranging from Tibet to Germany, he is convinced that Sherlock is still alive after the incidents of The Reichenbach Fall. He is so obsessed with the events that he has lost his job due to his obsession. He confided in Lestrade who promptly says Sherlock is definitely dead anrd visits Dr. Watson. When he is at Watson’s place, he handovers a box containing Sherlock’s property. We also realize that Watson has moved out of Baker Street following the incidents at the end of previous season.

The box containing Sherlock’s items also has a video of Sherlock recording a birthday message to John, in which he says he will see John very soon and have a good birthday in his absence as he is “busy”. Though this message was of Sherlock wishing John on one of his old birthday’s, this video is very relevant to the events that might unfold in the coming episodes. Its BBC’s way of saying “Sherlock will see you soon”.

“He’s hiding. But he can’t stop himself from getting involved.”  -Anderson

We see a map in Anderson’s hand which shows a line joining the events that has happened since Sherlock’s disappearance. If you looks closely and draw a line from the point where the last incident was reported according to this episode to London, it forms a “3″.

“It’s like… He is coming back…” -Anderson


We see Lestrade looking at a paper that says “THE GAME IS BACK ON!” and smile before he disappears into a building.


Events Referenced In This Mini-Episode:

  • Buddhist Warrior Monks infiltrated by a Blond Drug Smuggler
  • Incident In New Delhi : Killer caught by working out the depth to which the Chocolate Flake had sunk into victim’s Ice Cream Cone
  • Hamburg : Mysterious Juror

What to Look for in Season 3 :

  • Sherlock will be back after 2 years of absence. (Almost literally. Last episode was 15th Jan 2012)
  • How he survived the fall in The Reichenbach Fall.
  • Were Lestrade and Mycroft aware of the fact that Sherlock wasn’t dead ?
  • How does Molly and Irene fit into the act that convinced everyone that Sherlock was dead ?
  • Watson and Mary Morstan. ( will be played by Amanda Abbington who is Martin Freeman ’s wife IRL )
  • Relation between Mary and Sherlock. This will be a very interesting one.
  • And the best of all, Charles Augustus Magnussen, the Napoleon of blackmail being played by Lars Mikkelsen
  • Molly’s love interest for Sherlock ?

Did Aaron Paul Really Leak the Ending To Breaking Bad?

If you’re not talking/watching Breaking Bad, you’re probably living under a rock. The show has been creating a craze around the world for quite some time now. There is a lot of speculation on how the show will end. And if you watched this TMZ video below you’d hear Aaron Paul say something quite interesting.

Single_Aaron Paul_0485r.jpg

There is a person taking pictures who ask’s Paul if he would consider doing a Breaking Bad movie after the show ended. Which isn’t really an odd question. Though Paul replying ”‘Cause everyone dies in the ending,” was the shocker. The cast and the crew of Breaking Bad have remained quite tight lipped about the last 8 hours of the show so its quite surprising to hear Aaron Paul actually say something, even though he most probably was joking.
Even though it was said with a smile, him saying it would have reinforced a lot of ideas about the series finale. If it really does go down with everyone dying, then Aaron Paul just leaked the ending. And if everyone lives people can still say he leaked the ending by saying the opposite.

We can analyse more and more into this but we will just have to wait and see how it all plays out. Though any excuse to talk about Breaking Bad can’t be missed.

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