On 24th Dec BBC released a new mini-episode of Sherlock named “Many Happy Returns”. This minisode serves as a prequel for the upcoming Season of this brilliant TV Series. This episode does not give away any major plot ideas from the upcoming Season, however there are a few very interesting points that if you notice will make you more curious about the upcoming episodes.

Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman) in "Sherlock" Season 3


You can watch the minisode here. As you can see clearly in the video, Dr. Watson does not yet have a mustache which means the incidents in this minisode happens clearly between the time after Sherlock’s presumed death at the end of The Reichenbach Fall and the beginning of the episode “The Empty Hearse (S03E01)”. 

After Anderson gets to hear about a string of mysterious event ranging from Tibet to Germany, he is convinced that Sherlock is still alive after the incidents of The Reichenbach Fall. He is so obsessed with the events that he has lost his job due to his obsession. He confided in Lestrade who promptly says Sherlock is definitely dead anrd visits Dr. Watson. When he is at Watson’s place, he handovers a box containing Sherlock’s property. We also realize that Watson has moved out of Baker Street following the incidents at the end of previous season.

The box containing Sherlock’s items also has a video of Sherlock recording a birthday message to John, in which he says he will see John very soon and have a good birthday in his absence as he is “busy”. Though this message was of Sherlock wishing John on one of his old birthday’s, this video is very relevant to the events that might unfold in the coming episodes. Its BBC’s way of saying “Sherlock will see you soon”.

“He’s hiding. But he can’t stop himself from getting involved.”  -Anderson

We see a map in Anderson’s hand which shows a line joining the events that has happened since Sherlock’s disappearance. If you looks closely and draw a line from the point where the last incident was reported according to this episode to London, it forms a “3″.

“It’s like… He is coming back…” -Anderson


We see Lestrade looking at a paper that says “THE GAME IS BACK ON!” and smile before he disappears into a building.


Events Referenced In This Mini-Episode:

  • Buddhist Warrior Monks infiltrated by a Blond Drug Smuggler
  • Incident In New Delhi : Killer caught by working out the depth to which the Chocolate Flake had sunk into victim’s Ice Cream Cone
  • Hamburg : Mysterious Juror

What to Look for in Season 3 :

  • Sherlock will be back after 2 years of absence. (Almost literally. Last episode was 15th Jan 2012)
  • How he survived the fall in The Reichenbach Fall.
  • Were Lestrade and Mycroft aware of the fact that Sherlock wasn’t dead ?
  • How does Molly and Irene fit into the act that convinced everyone that Sherlock was dead ?
  • Watson and Mary Morstan. ( will be played by Amanda Abbington who is Martin Freeman ’s wife IRL )
  • Relation between Mary and Sherlock. This will be a very interesting one.
  • And the best of all, Charles Augustus Magnussen, the Napoleon of blackmail being played by Lars Mikkelsen
  • Molly’s love interest for Sherlock ?