If you’re not talking/watching Breaking Bad, you’re probably living under a rock. The show has been creating a craze around the world for quite some time now. There is a lot of speculation on how the show will end. And if you watched this TMZ video below you’d hear Aaron Paul say something quite interesting.

Single_Aaron Paul_0485r.jpg

There is a person taking pictures who ask’s Paul if he would consider doing a Breaking Bad movie after the show ended. Which isn’t really an odd question. Though Paul replying ”‘Cause everyone dies in the ending,” was the shocker. The cast and the crew of Breaking Bad have remained quite tight lipped about the last 8 hours of the show so its quite surprising to hear Aaron Paul actually say something, even though he most probably was joking.
Even though it was said with a smile, him saying it would have reinforced a lot of ideas about the series finale. If it really does go down with everyone dying, then Aaron Paul just leaked the ending. And if everyone lives people can still say he leaked the ending by saying the opposite.

We can analyse more and more into this but we will just have to wait and see how it all plays out. Though any excuse to talk about Breaking Bad can’t be missed.